Pie cake production line

Equipment features:

Full automatic production line with egg yolk pie sandwich and flour as the main raw material, tune into a paste, after pouring, baking, cooling, double sandwich cake, etc., made delicious delicious pie, fashion, leisure, etc. series of strawberry cake, favored by consumers. Production of foreign advanced technology, the production of cake preservation period long, Matsu Mimi, young and old, there is a huge consumer groups, the production of pie is the preferred project, the current food manufacturers to seize the market, first will win.


yield Total power Gas consumption
9-10 tons / day 28KW/H 25-35kg/H

Technological process:

Stir - cake forming - roasting - cooling conveyor - tandem finishing - over - horizontal - core - sandwich - finishing - transport packaging

Equipment display:

Device model:

Equipment products:

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