Cup cake, egg yolk pie production line

Equipment features:

The cake is my factory production line according to the needs of domestic and foreign markets, based on the original equipment, RE development of the whole line, using high quality stainless steel made of electronic components with well-known brands, has a high degree of automation, stable operation, automatic temperature control, high yield, so as to make the cake taste more soft, surface color. The advantages of uniform tender. The equipment can produce cupcakes, core cakes, etc., and can also produce fancy cakes according to the shape of the disc.


yield Total power Gas consumption
500KG/H 50kw 40KG/H
1000KG/H 110KW 80KG/H

Technological process:

Beating, injection - molding - in - oven baking - delivery - release - injection - core - cooling - sterilization - packaging

Equipment display:

Device model:

Equipment products:

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