Composite baked potato chips production line

Equipment features:

The baking potato chips production line has a high degree of automation and stable product quality. It is the most advanced potato chip production equipment developed by our company to absorb and learn from foreign advanced technology. The equipment will be pressed potato chips, baked naturally through the tunnel oven, and then seasoning, made of healthy, non fried new potato chips, and conform to the trend of modern food development, welcomed by domestic and foreign food factories.


yield Total power Gas consumption
300KG/H 100KW 25-30KG/H
500KG/H 140KW 15-50KG/H

Technological process:

Raw materials -- agitation, lifting, conveying - flattening - rolling - forming - baking - oil injection - Lek oil delivery - sprinkle - Transport - finishing - packaging

Equipment display:

Device model:

Equipment products:

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