Rice cakes, rice cake, biscuit, small cakes of complete sets of equipment

Equipment features:

Rice cake production line is the basis of absorbing foreign advanced equipment factory, considering the actual situation in China, rice cake specially designed equipment, domestic only my family, to fill the domestic blank, instead of imported equipment, with a number of technical and economic characteristics, especially the advantages of less investment, high efficiency, quick, stable operation, easy operation, small domestic Wangwang, Shuai, Fuwa, Miduoqi etc. widely used food factory.


yield Total power Gas consumption
2.5T/ (24h) 90KW 200KG/1 ton rice cake
5T/ (24h) 150kw 200KG/1 ton rice cake
7.5T/ (24h) 190KW 200KG/1 ton rice cake
10T/ (24h) 230kw 200KG/1 ton rice cake

Technological process:

Rice milling, steaming, scouring - extrusion - forming - first drying - cooling - second drying - baking, puffing - oil - roller seasoning - hanging sugar - third times drying - packaging

Equipment display:

Device model:

Equipment products:

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