Biscuit production line

Equipment features:

The biscuit production line is the preferred choice in production of various kinds of toughness, biscuit, this series of production line according to the user's site requirements, and cookie process requirements, any combination, through a variety of high-grade cookies to change mold and process formula can pop production on the market, such as cream biscuits, cookies etc.. And heating methods are diverse, there are electricity, gas, hot stoves, etc., for customers to choose.


yield Total power Gas consumption
12T/ (24h) 120KW 40m²/H
24T/ (24h) 190kw 80m²/H
32T/ (24H) 210KW 100m²/H

Technological process:

And surface cutting, lifting - pressure skin - roll - forming - sugar - baking - oil injection - Lek oil delivery - finishing - packaging

Equipment display:

Device model:

Equipment products:

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